Our Philosophy

As a family-owned and operated company based in Honolulu, our passion for Polynesian fashion and decor has woven itself into all aspects of our lives. As we are still learning the cultures of the Pacific, we created a line of Polynesian products inspired by cultural art and modern influences.
Eclectic . Versatile . Colorful
Our store grew from humble beginnings. We started out from home,  a few booths at local events and trade shows. Now, we're offering our latest creations and designs - created by our designer. Missing Polynesia is not only a stylish reminder of South Pacific culture, but it's a state of mind and appreciation that we extend to all of our customers.With a unique take on Polynesian clothing, we also hope to bring that sense of style and originality into other products like jewelry, hats and home decor items that you won't find anywhere else. It's our pleasure to create something original and beautiful with the Polynesian spirit. Sending a reminder and gift to those that are "Missing the islands".

After two decades of growth and persistence, a time for change is upon us. As our MP Logo has set a foundation upon the realm of design, our next journey begins with a fresh new perspective. 

The Manu represents a symbol of freedom, a traveler, a voyager seeing things from a higher perspective.

Our mission is to spread art, South Pacific culture and Aloha stories and design. 

Ke Akua. Ohana. Aloha. 

Le Atua . Aiga. Alofa