MATAGI Culottes



Product Details

  • Available in Minty Green, Golden Tail (Bronze), Lime Green, Yellow
  • Culotte pants style; ankle-length trousers with a stretchy waistband
  • 100% Rayon Flat Rayon (Non-Stretch)
  • Pants are a one-size fits most and can fit 2-3 sizes per number. If sizes are unavailable, a size up may work and will give more width to flow on the leg area. 
  • Drawstring waistband with elastic
Number Size Range
0 X-Small to Small (0-6)
1 Medium to Large (6-10)
2 Large to X-Large (10-14)
3 X-Large to 1X (12-16)
4 1X to 2X (16-20)
5 2X to 3X (20-24)



For best results, all clothings items require to be either hand washed and hung dry. Light detergent. Do not wring. Air dry only. Dry cleaned optional.

$78.00 USD