The beauty behind the colors of the sky exemplifies natures pure attraction

Kau ka lā (Sunrise)

*Turquoise, Burgundy, Orange, and Teal

The rising of the sun touches the land and sea, illuminating the mountains and exposing the beauty of every natural color.

Kauka'i (Sunset)

*Burgundy, Turquoise, Teal, and Charcoal

The setting of the sun as far as the eye may perceive - as it lowers below the horizon sparks a red tone along the mountains.

Silver A'O

*Grey, Charcoal and Black

An element of hopefulness, the shades of the silver lining illustrate through its shade of matte greys tones while shining its brightness.


*Grey, Burgundy, and Charcoal

A new beginning and a fresh start before the first light of the day

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